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The Guysborough Memorial Hospital Foundation will soon launch a door-to-door fundraising campaign, to will raise the $700,000 needed to complete the extension of Guysborough Memorial Hospital. The Municipality of the District of Guysborough will provide $800,000, completing the $1.5 million community portion of the project. The Province of Nova Scotia announced last week that it will provide $4.4 million dollars towards the construction of the $5.88 million dollars project.

The Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (GASHA) asked the Guysborough Memorial Hospital Foundation to be responsible for raising the community portion of the funds required to complete the addition to the hospital. The Foundation will partner with the Guysborough Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and other community partners in order to undertake the significant task of raising the outstanding $700,000.

The Foundation will target three cross sections of the community in order to meet its target. The first will be a door to door campaign targeting all homes serviced by the coverage area of the hospital. This will require significant volunteer commitment and the Fundraising Committee are busy planning and recruiting potential canvassers in order to accomplish this enormous task. It is anticipated that the major portion of the required funds needed to complete the goal of raising $700,000.00 will come from the door to door campaign.

The second approach will be a corporate campaign where businesses and commercial establishments serving the area will be asked for donations. The third approach will target summer residents and former residents of the area for financial support.

Since the February 6th announcement of the Province’s financial commitment to the project, the response from the community has been overwhelming. Many people have come forward offering to help and to fundraise. Individuals and community organizations have indicated they will help and some are launching fundraising projects. The Foundation Committee welcomes the support and enthusiasm of the community but cautions those wanting to help to remember that all residents and business in the coverage area will also be asked for a significant donation through the door to door campaign.

Local residents Elizabeth Connolly, George Rodgers and Bill Innis are co-chairing the fundraising campaign on behalf of the Hospital Foundation and Hospital Auxiliary. Former community health nurse Kay Williams has graciously agreed to be the honorary chair of the campaign. Kay has dedicated her life to helping the community and in particular the area of health care. Over the years she has spearheaded many fundraising campaigns but has now retired and is passing the torch on to others in the community to do the necessary legwork work to organize such a large fundraising campaign. The Hospital Foundation and Auxiliary thank Kay for accepting the role of “honorary chair” of the campaign and will require her advice and knowledge as they move forward.

For further information please contact Elizabeth Connolly (Ph. 533-2248), George Rodgers (Ph. 533-2349) or Bill Innis (Ph. 533-4053).


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