Foundation Campaign has reached it’s goal !!

Campaign organizers and local politicians gather to thank volunteer canvassers.

Campaign organizers and local politicians gather to thank volunteer canvassers.

Campaign Reaches Target

The Guysborough Memorial Hospital Foundation Board and Campaign Committee want to thank the more than 100 volunteer door-to-door and corporate canvassers who helped the Foundation meet its $700,000 campaign target.

At the Volunteer Appreciation event held last weekend at the Guysborough Waterfront, Foundation Board Chair Jude Avery thanked the volunteers for all their great work. “I know how difficult it is to go door-to-door for a cause such as this. Thank you for your great efforts!”

As Campaign Chair Kaye Williams noted “we couldn’t have done it without you. We will have our new wing and we will have improvements to the hospital!” She also thanked the people of Guysborough who gave so generously. “Everybody did their part and it turned out absolutely wonderful.”

MLA Lloyd Hines recalled the campaign launch last February on a blustery, snow storm day that brought Premier Stephen MacNeil to Guysborough to announce the provincial share of the funding. He noted that the Premier and Health Minister Leo Glavine were overwhelmed by the crowd that turned out in such bad weather to support the announcement. “It is no small feat to raise $1.5 million in a community of this size. Hines anticipates that there will be some activity this fall to mark the beginning of the construction phase of the project.

Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts also congratulated the volunteers and noted that “the hospital is the very foundation of our community.”

Campaign Co-Chairs Bill Innes, Elizabeth Connolly and George Rodgers thanked their respective teams of volunteers who made it possible.


For additional information contact: Nancy O’Regan at 870-1320.